What are some issues accident victims should know about settlements in Lafayette?

Lafayette, LA - When someone is hurt in a car accident, it is likely that their lawyer will enter into settlement negotiations at some point. This is generally a good sign, as settlements will conclude the case and provide the victim with funds…

Iowa law allows victims to collect various kinds of damages after an accident

Iowa City, IA - When someone is harmed in a car collision or other type of accident, they can attempt to make the person responsible pay for various types of losses related to the incident. The legal term for all of these losses is damages.…
Miami, Florida, Types of Back Injuries Suffered After a Car Accident

Louisiana requires drivers to carry auto insurance, but there are limits to what is covered by these policies

Baton Rouge, LA - Louisiana drivers are required by law to have insurance coverage in case there is an accident. This is one way that the state attempts to minimize the damage and financial loss caused by automobile accidents, however collisions…

South Carolina drivers must obey the basic speeding law

Charleston, SC - Many traffic laws exist to attempt to keep the roads safe and minimize the possibility of injuries if a collision happens. One of the most important laws in each state is the law that regulates speed on various roads. Driving…
Driver Behaviors that Contribute to Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Kentucky drivers can avoid the most likely causes of accidents through simple behaviors

Lexington, KY - While some accidents are unavoidable, there are a number of known high risk behaviors that contribute to, or cause car collisions. Drivers who take certain safety precautions are less likely to be involved in an accident due…

Delaware’s negligence laws may prevent some accident victims from collecting money

Dover, DE - The Delaware Civil Code imposes various forms of liability for owners and renters of motor vehicles if they are found to be negligent. There are also insurance requirements outlined in this section of the state’s statutes. One…
San Antonio, TX, When might the driver in front be liable for a rear-end accident?

Victims may have different reasons for accepting insurance claims versus filing an injury lawsuit

Boca Raton, FL - People who are involved in a car accident may have to file an insurance claim, or speak to a lawyer about a personal injury lawsuit. There is a difference between being legally at fault for insurance purposes versus being found…

Iowa City traffic accidents may involve an unlicensed driver

Iowa City, IA - There are many drivers around the state of Iowa and the entire U.S. who drive even if they are not licensed to do so. This can be because of unpaid fines, suspensions, or the person may have never had a valid license. Getting…

Cedar Rapids accident victims may have chronic back and neck pain

Cedar Rapids, IA - Accidents can cause long term medical problems that are not always obvious. One possibility after an incident is that a driver or passenger in a vehicle can experience chronic back pain and related health issues. There are…
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Yuma driver speeds off of a cliff and into the Colorado River

Some accidents occur even when a driver does not appear to be affected by any other vehicles or traffic. In these situations, it is still important to determine what the actual cause may have been for the purposes of legal actions or insurance…