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Who should be sued after an accident involving a commercial vehicle in Baton Rouge?

Baton Rouge, LA - Many vehicles and trucks on the roads in Louisiana are used for various business and official purposes rather than regular driving. Especially on highways, it is likely that a driver who is involved in an accident will need…
Charlotte, NC—Here’s What Can Happen When the Keys to a U-Haul Wind Up in the Wrong Hands

Employers in Las Vegas will be liable for most accidents caused by business vehicles

Las Vegas, NV - There are a number of trucks and other types of vehicles on the roads each day that are used for business and commercial purposes rather than recreational driving. These drivers have a high risk of being involved in collisions,…

Injured motorists in Connecticut may have to sue a commercial vehicle driver

New London, CT - There are many trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, and other types of vehicles on the road that are used for commercial purposes. These kinds of drivers do cause accidents on occasion, and victims are able to file a lawsuit regardless…