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Common reasons for Texas car crashes have caused an increase in fatalities statewide. 

Texas - October 3, 2022 Common reasons for vehicle accidents include distracted driving, mechanical failures, driver fatigue, manufacturer defects, poor weather conditions, speeding, and driving while intoxicated.  The Fatality Rate on Texas…
Should an individual receive compensation for the injuries they suffered in a crash in Spartanburg, South Carolina?

What types of compensation can victims in Sorrento expect to receive after an accident?

Sorrento, LA - Civil accident lawsuits are focused on helping victims pay for costs of medical treatment, time away from work, and other forms of financial losses. Attorneys who dedicate their efforts to helping accident victims have extensive…

Insurance claims may be helpful after an accident in Baton Rouge but injury lawsuits can also be necessary

Baton Rouge, LA - During the immediate aftermath of an automobile accident, all the drivers involved should contact their insurance providers and alert local law enforcement if there is any property damage or injuries. This will start the insurance…