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Driver in Baton Rouge goes through stop sign and causes crash while avoiding police

Baton Rouge, LA - Car accidents can happen in various unusual situations. Sometimes, things like a construction site, police investigation, or other distractions on or near the road can contribute to a crash. In these situations, whoever is…

Driver gets hit at railroad crossing in Yuma

Yuma, AZ - Drivers always need to be mindful of railroad crossings. These areas are some of the most likely to cause injury or death, as the impact of a much larger train on a smaller vehicle can be fatal. However, if the train operator is the…

Pedestrian is hit by train in south Austin in early morning hours

Austin, TX - There are various kinds of transportation accidents that happen all over Texas. Commercial vehicles and trains are some of the most dangerous while in operation, and pedestrians can be seriously hurt or killed by these large vehicles.…
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McCormick County driver killed in highway crash

McCormick County, SC - Motor vehicle collisions are a common cause of death in South Carolina and the rest of the United States. Driving left of the center lane market is one of the main ways that fatal accidents happen, as this means that two…
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Iowa highway intersection becomes the scene of multiple fatalities

Iowa City, IA - Drivers do not always see or pay attention to traffic control devices such as stop signs. While these are meant to help prevent the chances of an accident at intersections and other dangerous areas, crashes still happen at times,…
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What are the elements of negligence in an accident lawsuit in Westminster?

Westminster, LA - Accident victims have to bring cases against a person responsible for their losses by arguing that the individual was negligent. This is specific legal doctrine which is related to a failure to act as a reasonable person would…

Why do accidents in Louisiana cause auto insurance increases?

Baton Rouge, LA - Motor vehicle crashes leave drivers with a number of different expenses. A less obvious cost is often increases in insurance rates, which the driver may not begin paying immediately. There are a number of factors that insurance…

What types of financial losses may be covered by auto insurance in Alabama?

Montgomery, AL - Because car accidents are so common, drivers are essentially forced by laws in each state to purchase coverage. Most basic policies will only cover liability and bodily injuries that occur during the crash, but drivers can pay…

Insurance claims may be helpful after an accident in Baton Rouge but injury lawsuits can also be necessary

Baton Rouge, LA - During the immediate aftermath of an automobile accident, all the drivers involved should contact their insurance providers and alert local law enforcement if there is any property damage or injuries. This will start the insurance…

Nevada requires the use of seat belts and child car seats to avoid fines and other punishments

Las Vegas, NV - Cars have a number of different safety features that are meant to minimize the possibility of serious injuries and other problems caused by motor vehicle accidents. Every state in the U.S., including Nevada, has created some…