Oklahoma’s negligence laws will help determine the outcome of an accident lawsuit

Oklahoma City, OK - After most serious accidents, the attorney for the plaintiff will have to bring a civil negligence case even if there is an insurance policy that covers the victim. This is a common type of civil lawsuit used after various…
Should an accident victim speak with the other driver’s insurance company after a crash in Chula Vista, California?

North Dakota accident data shows that thousands of residents are affected by crashes annually

Bismarck, ND - Accidents can happen to anyone, and people driving on the roads in North Dakota are always at risk. If someone is harmed by another driver, they can bring a civil case for various kinds of losses sustained as a result of the driver’s…

Drivers in New York should start to document their losses immediately after an accident

Albany, NY - Every time someone gets in their car, there is always the possibility of an accident. In fact, thousands of Americans are involved in motor vehicle collisions each year. Though most accidents only result in minor property damage…

Nebraska drivers are required to wear seatbelts to minimize injuries

Omaha, NE - Because motor vehicle accidents are so common, states have created various laws and safety regulations to minimize the possibility of collisions, or keep drivers safe when an accident has happened. Nebraska and most other states…

Kansas accident victims can discuss a number of issues during an initial consultation

Wichita, KS - Accident victims may look for a number of answers to their questions, and they may be concerned about how to get their lives back to normal. Receiving compensation for losses is one of the best ways for someone to return to their…