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How can economic losses be calculated in an accident lawsuit?

Austin, TX - Accident lawsuits focus on getting victims all of the financial help that they need to recover. Compensation in civil cases for negligence and associated accident injuries is divided into a few different categories. The amount of…
nighttime car accident

These are the most significant costs associated with car accidents in Gary

Gary, IN - Motor vehicle accidents result in billions of dollars worth of costs for drivers in the United States each year. While auto insurance helps pay for a large percentage of these losses, drivers still end up paying for their policies…
When a Slip and Fall Accident Results in a Person Being Unable to Work

When a Person is Unable to Work After a Slip and Fall Accident in Wyoming

Falls currently serve as the “second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths worldwide.”1 If an individual survives a fall, there is a good chance they sustained one or more injuries that may temporarily or permanently impair their…

How long will an accident victim in Baton Rouge have to wait to return to work?

Baton Rouge, LA - One of the most likely problems that a person involved in a car accident will face is time away from work and lost wages. It is certainly possible that an accident victim will remain out of work for weeks, months, or even years…

When can an accident victim return to work after a brain injury in Iowa City?

Iowa City, IA - Brain injuries are some of the most devastating consequences of any kind of motor vehicle accident. They can result in short term problems related to sleeping, coordination, and memory. More long term problems can include a diminished…

Can car crash victims collect money for lost wages after an accident in Daytona Beach, Florida?

If a car accident victim suffered injuries in a crash that now prevents them from working, they may be entitled to recover compensation for some of the wages they are unable to earn. There are a few ways an accident victim can recover compensation…