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nighttime car accident

What kinds of evidence are useful after an accident in Lake City?

Lake City, FL - A person who has been involved in a motor vehicle crash will have to do a number of things to get back on the road and recover from their injuries. Throughout this process, there will be documentation, reports, and various other…

Loss of earnings documentation is necessary for Pittsburgh accident compensation.    

Pennsylvania – July 29, 2022 Pittsburg accident victims may have access to recoverable damage compensation when injury causes them to lose prolonged time at work, or they must change a high earning occupation to something less taxing due…

Multiple people were injured when the car they were riding in drove off I-15 in San Diego. 

California – August 5, 2021 Twenty-six California firefighters arrived at the scene of an accident on the South Side of I-15 near Interstate 805 where a black Toyota sedan was found on its side with two air bags deployed.  The vehicle…

Can an inaccuracy in medical records affect a personal injury case?

Syracuse, NY—Medical records play a vital role in personal injury cases. When they contain an error, it can have a drastic effect on an individual’s ability to recover compensation for the injuries they suffered. Take for instance someone…

How important are medical records in a slip and fall case in Florida?

Lake City, FL—When an injured party is pursuing compensation from a property owner in Lake City or Gainesville, FL because they slipped and fell on their premises, they will need to prove they suffered injuries. The most effective way of doing…