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How is proof of intoxicated driving relevant to a civil accident lawsuit in Coconut Creek?

Coconut Creek, FL - Drunk drivers who cause accidents may face lawsuits in civil court in addition to their criminal case. While the state needs to prove the suspect was intoxicated while driving in criminal court, the civil case is focused…

What happens when a motorcyclist causes an accident while intoxicated in Deerfield Beach?

Deerfield Beach, FL - Motor vehicle accidents can result in a combination of civil and criminal penalties for the driver at fault depending on the situation. Motorcyclists who choose to operate their vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol…

When are drivers required to use their turn signals in Texas?

Austin, TX - Although many drivers follow traffic laws and regulations to avoid fines and tickets, they also serve important safety purposes. Drivers who cause accidents after violating a traffic law can also face additional consequences as…

How is the doctrine of negligence per se relevant in an accident lawsuit in Arizona?

Yuma, AZ - Whenever a person is injured due to the actions of another individual, business, or entity, they will need to prove that the defendant was negligent through the use of various kinds of evidence. In motor vehicle accidents and other…

How do traffic law violations affect accident lawsuits in Louisiana?

Baton Rouge, LA - Many drivers who cause accidents may have been speeding, going through a red light, in the process of an illegal lane change, distracted by their phone, or other traffic violations. Victims can collect evidence of these kinds…

Can a driver who receives a ticket for their role in an accident still bring a lawsuit?

Baton Rouge, LA - A driver who receives a traffic citation may still feel it is necessary to file a lawsuit if they were involved in a collision and injured. It is possible for a person who is guilty of a traffic infraction to bring a civil…

Can an accident victim in Phoenix file a civil case if there are related criminal charges?

Phoenix, AZ - After most motor vehicle collisions, issues such as lawsuits and related legal problems are handled through the civil courts for the purposes of awarding compensation to the victim. In some rare cases, the person responsible for…

Accident victims in Connecticut can benefit from certain crucial kinds of evidence

New Haven, CT - When someone is injured in an accident, they will want to be paid for their losses. This can be done through the legal process, especially if the collision resulted in a large amount of damage that may exceed the coverage available…