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What are common chemical hazards that can lead to injury on an oil rig in Louisiana?

Louisiana – February 28, 2023 There are chemical hazards associated with working on an oil rig.  The derrick reveals the site of oil or natural gas deposits that a company can extract.  Various chemicals are used in the drilling action…
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Does adequate oil industry manpower increase safety in oil fields and rigs in Louisiana?

Louisiana – February 27, 2023 The total number of active drilling rigs in the United States stayed the same in the beginning of this year according to new data from Baker Hughes. The total rig count stayed at 771 the 3rd week of January,…

Louisiana lawyers are instrumental in damage recovery after offshore worker injury.

Louisiana – January 27, 2021 Offshore workers are remote from immediate emergency medical care, increasing the odds of severe injury, or accidental death.  A legal professional will be able to assist accident victims and their families…