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How can a car accident victim hold a speeding driver accountable for causing an accident in Wyoming?

The State of Wyoming, like all other states, set speed limits for a reason—to help keep order on the road and promote safe driving. When a motorist is traveling on an interstate, they are only permitted to travel 75 mph or less, with some…

Can a truck driver in Louisiana be sued for causing a speeding accident?

If a truck driver is guilty of speeding or driving too fast for roadway conditions, they can be sued if they cause an accident that results in another party suffering injuries. For instance, if a truck driver was distracted and neglected to…

Tiger Woods sustained leg injuries after his SUV rolled over in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA - Multiple news sources reported that Tiger Woods was injured in a car collision in California early in the morning of February 23rd.  Legendary golfer sustains leg injuries  Preliminary reports stated that the renowned…