Motorcycle accidents most commonly occur when other vehicle drivers fail to see the motorcyclist and they make left-hand turns. Motorcycle accidents result is profoundly serious injuries for the cyclist because of the lack of protection their vehicle offers them when they are driving at such high speeds on the road.

Since the injuries are so severe, drivers should not waste any time and they should connect with a motorcycle accident lawyer to help them secure a proper settlement amount so they are not left with paying for their injuries on their own.

What steps should be taken after a motorcycle accident in Orange County, California

Individuals should first gather as much information as possible after getting into a motorcycle accident. They should collect the other driver’s name, license plate information, driver’s license number, and police report number as well. After gathering as much information as possible, individuals should get medical treatment immediately, whether they feel sick or not.

It is vital that a person keeps a record of all their medical records because they will need it when filing a legal claim. A person can not get their settlement amount until they reveal how much money they need for their medical treatments so they should attempt to get it done as soon as possible and record it properly.

After an accident, a person should try their best not to discuss their collision on social media as anything they say may be used against them to prove their negligence in court. A person should also avoid taking money right away from the person who caused the collision. It may be tempting to accept a cash sum right away, but a person should not accept any money until they know the full extent of their injuries and their property damage. Health complications can arise later and if a person already accepted a settlement then they will not be able to ask for more to cover their damages.

The damages covered after a motorcycle accident include:

  •  Lost wages and earnings
  • Property damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering

The amount of compensation received depends on how serious their injuries were and how much of the accident was the fault of the other driver. Many drivers believe they are unable to make a claim if they did not have a helmet on, however, this is not true. Anyone who gets hurt in an accident should call a lawyer at Chudleigh Law as soon as possible to get legal help filing their personal injury claim.

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