Motor vehicle crashes that occur on highways at high speeds can often result in deadly or serious injuries. The civil law allows victims or their families to receive compensation after these kinds of incidents.

An accident in the Tallahassee area between a pickup truck and a semi tractor trailer left one person dead and another with critical injuries. 

Two trucks collide at a large intersection with disastrous results

The incident happened in the town of Marianna, near the intersections of State Road 73 and County Road 280 in Jackson County. The Florida Highway Patrol believes that a man in a pickup truck was going westbound on County Road 280, also known as Thompson Road, when a tractor trailer was going southbound on State Road 73 near where the two roads cross. As the pickup truck approached a stop sign, it kept going through the intersection. It went into the left side of the tractor trailer. 

Due to the impact, the pickup truck spun out and came to a rest at the northbound shoulder of 73. The driver was ejected, and he was pronounced dead at the scene by EMS workers a short time after they arrived on the scene. The tractor trailer overturned, and fell over on the same shoulder as the pickup. FHP told reporters that the driver of the tractor trailer was brought to Ascension Sacred Heart in Panama City with injuries that were described as serious. 

The victim in the tractor trailer was described as a 49 year old male. There was no information available about the other victim. State police planned to conduct a complete investigation to gather other pieces of evidence. 

Accident lawsuits and remedies

When someone is injured or killed in an accident, it is important to consider the possibility of a lawsuit after reporting the incident to the local police and insurance companies. An attorney who focuses on civil injury cases can assist you with the process of filing a case against the person or business responsible and getting payment for medical bills, property damage, missed time from work, and other losses that cause serious expense. 

Florida’s wrongful death law

This accident involves the death of one of the people involved in the collision. Florida, just like every other state, has a law that allows family members to bring a civil lawsuit after a relative dies in any kind of accident. This is not a criminal action, but it is the best way for family members to get paid for things like funeral expenses, burial, and the victim’s lost income and earning potential. 

Speaking with a lawyer to get help

To learn more about bringing a civil case against anyone responsible for an accident in Tallahassee and nearby parts of Florida, contact Smith and Vanture