A 19 year old victim has died after a motor vehicle crash on Bradfordville Road in Tallahassee

Teenage driver is killed in a crash on a Tallahassee road

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area where Velda Dairy Road and Bradfordville Road intersect on a Sunday morning. They believe that a driver, who was involved in a single vehicle crash, suddenly lost control of the vehicle and struck a curb, then slid into several trees near the road. 

The victim was initially transported to the hospital in critical condition, but died approximately two days later. He was identified as a 19 year old male. Police first believed that the driver’s rate of speed and drunk driving may have been factors in the crash, but these suspicions are unconfirmed. Photos of the scene showed the vehicle on its side wedged between trees and brush as a fire department worker approached the car. 

Determining responsibility for a single car accident

Even when a deadly accident only involves one car, it is possible that there may be other relevant factors aside from a driver making a mistake. The vehicle itself may have had mechanical problems or malfunctioned. There may have been other drivers involved who chose to leave the scene. 

Once a person or business is found to be at fault for a car accident, they can be served with a civil lawsuit. In situations like the news story above, there are several tort law actions such as negligence or products liability that may be relevant to the crash. Even if another driver was involved in criminal activities that are related, the civil case can still be brought by the victim and the outcomes of the two actions will not affect each other. 

Procedural aspects of a car accident lawsuit

The process of a civil lawsuit includes an initial complaint, the discovery process, and a resolution through a settlement or trial. The complaint or pleading is drafted by the plaintiff’s attorney and it outlines what happened in the accident and the total amount of damages their client should receive. After the defendant is served with this first document, the two sides will start to share information back and forth during discovery. This will help give a better idea of the relative strength of the case, and there may be depositions or a settlement agreement as this segment progresses. If the case does proceed to trial, evidence will be presented to both sides and a jury will make the final decision regarding whether the plaintiff should be compensated. 

Get help from an accident attorney

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