It can be very tempting to accept the first offer a person receives from their insurer after getting into a car accident. However, it is always a better idea to refrain from accepting the offer right away. Insurance companies work in their best interest and they will almost always offer a person less then what they are entitled to based on the damages they suffered.  A lot of drivers rush and are happy with receiving any sort of compensation to help them with their sudden and immediate bills and that is why they decide to take the initial offer.

The smartest move to make after a collision is to get an accident attorney to communicate with one’s insurer on their behalf. When an attorney contacts the insurer with a counteroffer that is backed up with evidence and the proper legal references, it will be extremely hard for the insurer to back out of giving a person the amount they deserve.

If the insurance company still fails to respond fairly then an attorney can even go as far as taking the insurer to court so that they are compelled to not only pay the compensation, but they may also be compelled to pay additional money to the victim because of how much time they wasted and because they failed to act in good faith.

What should I do if I got into an accident with an uninsured driver?

If you get into a car accident with a driver who is not properly insured, you should refrain from accepting any sort of liability settlement from them. Florida has one of the highest number of uninsured drivers, so it is especially important to inquire about the insurance status of a driver right after the collision and before accepting any form of an offer from them. It is required by Florida law for all drivers to carry insurance and drivers who do not, can face legal penalization for failure to abide by the law.

The reason why it can be so dangerous to accept liability settlement from an uninsured driver is that if a person does that they often give up their rights to receiving any other form of compensation from other parties or even from their own insurer.

The safest route for anyone to follow is to get an accident lawyer to help a person gather their evidence to prove how much they suffered and then communicate the desired amount to the insurance company. When an insurer knows an attorney is involved, they are highly likely to feel more obliged to offer a person a fair amount for all the damages they suffered.