Is your vehicle equipped with an interactive touchscreen? Can you read text messages from it or operate your radio using a scroll down feature as opposed to turning a dial? If so, you may be engaging in distracted driving and you aren’t even realizing it.
Before cell phones, things were pretty simple. People used phone books to find numbers, listened to answering machines to hear voice messages, and carried beepers that allowed them to be notified when someone was trying to get in contact with them. Now, cell phones have paved a new way we use technology and opened the door to many new and exciting gadgets. From touch screen TVs and computers to tablets and technology-enhanced vehicles, we are seeing technology being forced into our lives, whether we like it or not.
People have now become so occupied with their cellphones, tablets, and mini computers that they are more focused on incoming messages than what is in front of them, and sometimes, it is the roadway. With cellphones becoming one of the main causes of auto accidents, companies were forced to devise new ways to help keep drivers eyes on the road and off of their phones. Unfortunately, this new way of getting drivers to focus more on the road and spend less time on their phones might not be a solution to the problem after all.

Why might vehicles that are equipped with technological features be more hazardous to drivers?

While car companies have begun to manufacture autonomous vehicles and equip newly designed automobiles with up-to-date technological features to help reduce the number of auto accidents that are occurring, it would appear that they may be contributing to these numbers.
In a study conducted by distracted driving researchers, it was reported that one driver who attempted to use the technology capabilities the car offered nearly hit a woman walking by. Another driver almost ran a stop sign as they engaged in activity using the touch screen that now replaces what used to be knobs and buttons which controlled the radio stations.
According to, 1 in 3 adults have a vehicle fully equipped with technology features. The 2017 car market has become fixated on technology rather than the actual vehicle. Cars now offer features including Email, Wi-Fi hotspots, text messages, radio, interactive full screens, music, navigation, phone calls, and full connectivity which means drivers now have to get accustomed to this new way of using their vehicle and are required to look down when doing so.
It was also noted that The American Automobile Association (AAA) and the University of Utah studied 120 drivers in 2017 vehicles. Of the 30 vehicles that were tested, 23 demanded high or very high driver attention. Some drivers even spent up to 40 seconds with their eyes off the road. The fact is, technology doesn’t always work in our favor. It can be difficult trying to figure out how to use these innovative radios or answer a phone call which causes a driver to focus more on the feature rather than on the road. also pointed out that 40% of the vehicles tested stated in the study allow drivers to type in the navigation system while the vehicle is in motion. This is yet another issue to consider as a car crash can occur within seconds.
In any event, it seems more work needs to be done to help reduce the number of distracted drivers out on the roadway. And if you were recently involved in an accident and would like to learn how you can hold a driver accountable for causing the crash, contact We will find you an accident attorney in your city who can help you and guide you through the process.

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