One teen was declared dead at the scene and five others injured in a boat accident late Thursday night on Middle River near Fort Lauderdale.

Not paying attention to what they were doing
All of the teens, believed to be under 18, were seniors at the St. Thomas Aquinas high School. According to reports five boys and one girl were in the boat operated by a person with a boat safety license. The owner of the boat was not on board at the time of the accident, but the students were believed to have obtained permission to use the boat. This is something Broward, Florida accident attorneys are digging into.
The small boat, not more than 13-feet long crashed into the low lying bridge around midnight. The bridge is said to be too low to navigate under during high tide and the area under the bridge is unlighted.
The students of the school held a candle light vigil for John Baker, 17, who died in the accident, and to pray for the others injured. Three of the teens are said to be critical, one in stable condition, and one released after being treated for minor injuries. The injured were admitted to the Broward Hospital for treatment.
Paramedics preparing a stretcher for a wounded car accident victim
Slammed into the bridge
The Fish and Wildlife Commission is investigating the accident. They have not yet confirmed the names of the injured or details of the accident. One witness has claimed he saw a boat speeding past from his window, but he was unaware of the accident until later. The commission has said that one of the people on board has said that they did not feel threatened by the speed at which they were travelling. There are also reports that two of the teens were standing in the boat at the time of the accident.
Baker was an avid fisherman and all of the others were also used to boating in the Middle River. Many students at the school confirmed that it was a common pastime for those who lived in the area.
The commission plants to investigate the physical evidence to determine the exact cause of the accident. The commission has said that any charges will be brought only after the cause of the accident is determined. But according to Broward, Florida accident lawyers, there does not seem to be anyone at fault. It seems everyone was equally culpable.
Need for legal representation
When a tragic accident of this sort occurs all stake holders including the parents of the injured teens, the boat operator, and the owner of the boat need to obtain legal representation. Once the investigation is complete and more information is available, the commission will be able to determine the cause of the accident.
Depending on this, the injured teens as well as the family of the dead teen can apply for compensation. The injured will need compensation to cover the cost of medical treatment as well as compensation for the pain and suffering experienced. The family of the dead teen might be entitled to compensation to cover funeral costs as well as for the pain and suffering they are enduring.
An experienced Broward Florida accident attorney who can be found on the virtual legal powerhouse of a website known as can help the injured and their families negotiate compensation with the insurance company and those responsible for the accident.

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