Teens engage in vehicular accidents for many different reasons, most stemming from them being inexperienced. Some errors teens make that place them more at risk while out operating their vehicle includes:

  • Their lack of detecting and responding to hazards.
  • Driving too fast for the roadway conditions that are present.
  • Being distracted by something that is inside or outside of their automobile.
  • Driving without being seat belted in.

According to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, teen drivers are the largest age group of individuals who do not wear a seatbelt.

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A teen driver’s inexperience is often the cause of their accident.

Tennessee Teen Killed in Auto Accident

On March 27th, The Tennessean reported that Max Hollis, 15, and another teen were riding on the back of a vehicle down Dryden Drive in Spring Hill when the two fell off. While the other teen survived, Hollis didn’t make it.  He was a sophomore who attended Summit High School and is now the sixth student who has died from a car accident dating back to early November. The school has acknowledged the issue and is working to “increase awareness about safe driving.”
As you know, many teens feel invincible, and engage in behavior that is much riskier than they realize. While the investigation continues regarding this saddening story, it is important you educate your teen on how they can stay safe while driving and what activities they should refrain from engaging in.
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How can I prepare my teen for an unexpected accident?

Telling your teen to “stay safe” and “drive carefully” may not be enough to prepare them for the unexpected accidents that occur far too often. Not knowing what to do in the event an accident occurs or when one is on the verge of occurring can be extremely stressful to your teen. You want them to prepared for anything that could arise while they are out driving and below is one way provided by radicalparenting.com on how you can do this.
Using an index card, write down some things for your teen to do in the event they engage in a car accident. Having this to rely on can be rather helpful to them, especially when they are nervous, upset, or have a rush of adrenaline that inhibits them from thinking clearly. Some useful things to write down include:

  1. Remind them to call 911. Teens may think that just because they were involved in an accident that it was their fault or they are going to get into trouble. The truth is, it is vital that 911 is called to ensure your child isn’t severely injured or the other driver gets away without taking responsibility for causing the collision.
  2. Tell them where their license and registration is. We all know how foggy our minds can get when something scary or dramatic occurs. This will help them so they aren’t shuffling around when it comes time to provide those documents.
  3. Tell them that you love them. It can be a chaotic moment for your teen if involved in a crash and you want them to be reminded that they have you.

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