A moped accident that occurred on Sunday on University Street in the proximity of Hubert in Memphis, Tennessee has resulted in the death of a 15-year old teenage boy who was riding the two-wheeler.
According to MyFoxMemphis.com, emergency respondents were able to rush the teenage boy to hospital after they arrived on scene after calls came in about the critical accident. Unfortunately, the boy later succumbed to his injuries while at the hospital and was officially declared dead.

As per investigators, they surveyed the scene, spoke with people around and even examined the moped but have not managed to find any evidence that the scooter was hit by a second motor vehicle. In fact, it may have been a single vehicle fatality. This is a tragedy. If there was anyone else at fault or involved the accident attorneys on the website USAttorneys.com that is lighting up the digital domain would be the people to contact.
According to an eye witness report, a car was reportedly driving erratically and barely missed hitting the witness himself, who was also on a moped. After the car had whizzed past the witness, he heard a loud thud and turned around to see that his friend (the 15-year old victim) had crashed his moped. However, the witness could not tell conclusively if the car had actually made contact with the moped of the deceased teenager.
Where is this car at?!
Law enforcement authorities are on the hunt for the alleged reckless driver. The vehicle that was reported to have been driving erratically is a Nissan Maxima, make and model – year 2000. Supposedly, it was painted completely black, had black rims, a spoiler in the back, and a sun roof.
Other residents that were interviewed near the area complained that it was an accident waiting to happen. They spoke of the lack of speed breakers or bumps on University Road which essentially allows drivers to reach dangerous speeds.
32-year old man that killed two teenage students in fatal accident was driving drunk
As reported by commercialappeal.com, 32-year old Melandus Penson has been identified as the perpetrator of a drunken driving accident which killed two girls and injured two others. The deceased have been identified as 17-year old Rachel Lynn and 16-year old Maddie Kruse. The two girls were students of Briarcrest and in the car with them were two other girls who sustained injuries. One of them escaped with minor injuries while the other sustained a broken collar bone and ribs and is currently being treated in the hospital.
Why was he driving these girls around?
Shockingly, it has come to light that the drunken driver was a repeat offender and had been arrested for DUI at least on three separate occasions in the past.
Bystanders creating amateur news casts and providing first aid to the victims of an accident between a motorcycle and a car
Auto accident legislation in Tennessee
Accidents are unfortunately a daily occurrence. In fact, most drivers on the roads of the U.S face at least one accident, minor or moderate or major, throughout their driving days. Therefore it is a real risk and it is important to know what to do when involved in an auto accident.
According to fantastic Memphis TN accident attorneys that can be reach at http://www.gulleylawfirm.com/, the most important thing is to remain calm and contact the authorities and note down personal details of the other driver including their vehicles registration.
However, it is crucial not to admit fault from a legal stand point. Anything you say will and can be used, so if you were to apologize or say statements such as “I didn’t see him coming” it can be used as evidence against you in court and you may be held liable for damage. Therefore, it is always prudent to contact an experienced Tennessee accident attorney as soon as possible and they can be reached right here.
If you have auto insurance and the other driver is uninsured and was at fault, your insurance company (as per your policy) will cover the damages that have been sustained. Otherwise, if you are able to prove that the other driver was at fault, his insurance company will pay for damages.

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