A teenage student who was on his way to school was killed after being involved in a car accident which occurred earlier this week on Alabama 247, as reported by al.com. According to authorities, the identity of the young man has been confirmed as 18 year old Benjamin Alan Braley who was a student of Colbert Heights High School.

As per the details in the police report, Braley was operating a 2001 Ford Mustang from which he was ejected from. The car accident reportedly occurred in the proximity of the 20 mile marker located 5 miles to the south of Tuscumbia.


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Supposedly, the teenager was on his way to school when for some reason his Mustang veered off the roadway and flipped over. As per investigators, Braley was not secured by a seat belt at the time of the car accident. Why not? That is just basis stuff. Apparently some teenagers believe it is cool not to wear their seat belt! Incredible!
Investigators, at this time, suspect that speeding may be the major causing factor in the fatal car accident.
Apart from being a student who went to Colbert Heights, Braley also was an active member of the Abundant Grace Church which is located in Sheffield.
A cousin of Braley’s, identified as Makayla Robinson, spoke to media personnel and made a verbal statement on behalf of the family showing appreciation for the prayers and the support from the community. She also added that Braley will be hugely missed and that he was a very funny guy with a notable sense of humor.
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With amazing nurses out there, sometimes the paramedic’s job is much easier when arriving to someone who is injured.

Off Duty Nurse Saves Man’s Life after Car Crash
Kdvr.com reports that a man who was severely hurt after being involved in a car accident is now alive thanks to a nurse who came to his aid and saved his life despite him being a complete stranger. According to investigators, the nurse is employed at Huntsville Hospital and was off duty at the time of the auto accident.
It took a while for first responders to actually get to the crashed vehicle in order to impart medical treatment, but when they did get there they saw a woman providing medical treatment to the victim and she attested to being an off duty nurse.
The nurse acted quickly to ensure that the man did not lose excessive blood and then comforted him by staying by his side and assuring him that more help was on the way and that he was going to be okay.
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