Teenagers are killed in Brusly by police officer chasing a suspect

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Brusly, LA – When the police need to pursue criminals in their vehicles, this creates a serious accident risk. If the officer does not see another vehicle while chasing a suspect at a high speed, they can seriously injure or kill someone. Depending on the specific facts surrounding the incident, the officer and their employer can face civil lawsuits, and there may also be criminal charges filed.

The Advocate reported on a fatal automobile accident in Brusly caused by a police officer who did not stop at a traffic light [1]. 

Officer kills two high school students during police chase

The crash happened on around noon New Year’s Eve while the officer was in pursuit of a suspect. He had chased the man from Baton Rouge until there was a red light at an intersection on Louisiana 1. The officer went straight through the red light and collided with another vehicle. There were two Brusly High School students in the car, females aged 16 and 17 years old, who died from their injuries. A third person in the car was the brother of one of the deceased young women, and he was seriously hurt in the collision. 

The officer in question is 42 years old and he works for a local department in Addis. He was charged with negligent homicide for his role in causing the collision. He was booked on January 1st, then bonded out of the West Baton Rouge jail several days later. 

Lawsuits against government drivers

Local police work for the government, and they can be sued for negligence that results in injuries in some situations. There is a legal doctrine called sovereign immunity that protects various aspects of the government from liability. However, in most states this doctrine has been replaced with a different set of rules that will allow lawsuits against the government, although there are some procedures that are unique to this situation when a government agency is named as a defendant. 

Because cases involving claims against the government tend to be more complex than standard injury lawsuits, it is recommended for a person who was hurt by a police officer or other government employee to get advice from an attorney with experience in this area. 

Auto accident attorneys are available

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