Some car accidents are caused intentionally by angry or disturbed drivers. In these situations, the driver may be prosecuted, but it is still important to talk to a lawyer to receive compensation for any harm caused by the collision. 

A driver in Memphis, Tennessee was in police custody after running over a group of protesters. 

Group of pedestrians is intentionally struck by car

Police say that the suspect was driving a black Nissan Juke on a Friday through the Cooper-Young neighborhood in Memphis. Witnesses in the area said that the suspect and a group of protesters had already had an altercation due to the streets being blocked in the area. Later, the protest made its way towards the intersections of Central and Cooper, and that is when pedestrians saw the driver coming straight at them. Many people in the area tried to avoid the car as the driver came speeding towards them. 

Video of the area and witness statements help the Memphis police identify a few suspects. The defendant was picked out of a lineup by witnesses. 

The 26 year old male driver was charged with multiple crimes, including reckless driving, and reckless endangerment with a weapon. He was being held at the Shelby County Jail at the time of the news report. Another 18 year old driver was charged with similar crimes just days earlier for driving into organized protests in the city. 

Car accidents involving pedestrians

Any time a driver hits a pedestrian, whether intentionally or due to a mistake, they can possibly be sued. A civil case will make the person responsible for the victim’s injuries pay for any related losses such as hospital bills and continued medical treatment.

A number of accidents where cars hit pedestrians are fatal. These kinds of deadly cases can be filed under Tennessee’s wrongful death statute. They are similar to other civil cases, except a family member can stand in the deceased person’s place and ask for damages related to funeral and burial expenses, in addition to other losses. 

Keep in mind that the criminal and civil court systems function separately. Therefore, any traffic citations or criminal charges can only be used as evidence in the civil action. They cannot be used to decide the outcome even if a driver was found guilty in criminal court. The jury will still have to make the final decision regarding fault in the accident or the parties can make a settlement agreement if necessary. 

Speak to an accident attorney in Tennessee

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