Workplace injuries are common, and even if something seems to have happened totally by accident, there are still a number of ways to be compensated. This can include sources such as workers compensation or lawsuits against equipment manufacturers.
A contractor was working in a West Nashville quarry and killed by machinery that was being  used by another worker at the time.
Worker crushed by front end loader at job site
The jobsite was located at River Road where there was a large pit that contained various materials. The worker appears to have been working in a ditch when a front end loader operated by another employee slid into the ditch and collided with him and some nearby concrete. The 22 year old male victim died at the scene from the impact shortly afterward. The preliminary investigation by the Mine Safety and Health Administration revealed no foul play and no one was charged criminally.
The employer is known as a national producer and seller of construction materials such as crushed stone, gravel, and concrete.
Is the inquiry over?

Even when someone is injured without fault while they are at work, their employer or someone else will still bear some kind of responsibility in most cases. An employer can test a worker for being under the influence of drugs or alcohol to see if the worker violated company policy, however there are few other defenses available when one someone is injured while working.
A later investigation may reveal other problems on the job site that were not uncovered initially. A co-worker could have been operating faulty equipment, there could have been inadequate precautions taken in the area, or supervising employees may have been giving improper directions to their subordinates. Accidents involving fires or explosions also usually have a separate investigation process done by specialists to determine the origin and cause of the damage.  
After a work related injury, it is important to retain information related to the time and place, along with any other relevant details such as other workers present or what possibly caused the accident. Even if the employer is not liable, other parties such as equipment manufacturers may be responsible and your lawyer will normally conduct their own inquiries to determine what happened.
How does workers compensation factor into injuries?
Workers compensation is almost always available to pay for lost wages during the time a person is injured and cannot work. This claim can be filed in addition to any lawsuit, as a person’s lost wages for a short period of time tend to usually be much less than the amounts paid out from a lawsuit involving serious or long term injuries. Accident lawyers can assist with the process for filing a claim and receiving payment from the relevant local authorities.
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