I want to sue a company for their defective product? Can I?
Companies who make and manufacture products that are supposed to serve as a safety precaution, such as a guardrail, are expected to test these guardrails to ensure they actually work. Guardrails are not only intended to shield a motorist from going off the roadway but they also act as a barrier to prevent a vehicle from striking something else that could cause more damage. While guardrails can only hinder a vehicle from sustaining so much damage as that all depends on the size, weight, and speed the car was going, if a flaw is present in the product, it can become hazardous to anyone who comes into contact with it.
There are many flaws that that are brought to light with various types of products on the market including medicines, vehicles, and even kids toys that become harmful to those who use them in the manner they were intended to be used.
So, if you were harmed by something and feel the design used has caused you harm, you can sue a company for their defective product given that the claims you are making can be proven. One of the roles of accident lawyers in Chattanooga, TN is to gather this proof and evidence so that their client goes into the case strong and comes out with an outcome in their favor.
And because the Chattanooga, TN accident attorneys we feature on our site have years of experience along with the necessary skills to win a case, we recommend you allow us to assist you in getting connected with one now.

Examples of Viable Personal Injury Cases in Chattanooga, TN

While it might be challenging to initiate a case against a manufacturing company that you are claiming has created a product that has caused your accident resulting in you suffering from injuries, it is possible.
Back in 2016, Wilber Byrd was traveling in Chattanooga on Interstate 75 when he SUV went off the interstate and collided head-on with a guardrail end terminal. Rather than stopping the vehicle, the guardrail pierced through the vehicle killing Byrd immediately. The children of Mr. Byrd hired an accident attorney in Chattanooga to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Lindsay Corporation who created the X-Light Guardrail system. Cumberland Guardrail, Inc. was the company responsible for installing and inspecting the guardrails.
According to wate.com, most guardrails telescope which means they slide into each other when struck and absorb the impact, but in this case, it didn’t. The lawsuit against the company stated that they failed to adequately test the X-Lite guardrail system. And Byrd’s case wasn’t the only lawsuit that was filed against the two companies.

What will I need to file a personal injury lawsuit against a company?

You know you have a viable claim or lawsuit on your hands when someone or something caused you harm in an accident that could have been prevented. You will need proof and evidence to support your case and a good accident and injury attorney in Chattanooga, TN. Rather than waste your time searching through site after site, our agents will find you a lawyer who is local to you free of charge.
While these cases sometimes require time and patience, if you want justice for your injury or the wrongful death of a loved one, we can help you get it.