Your child was involved in an accident and you want justice. Perhaps a product you purchased is responsible for injuring your little one or they were in the vehicle with you when a drunk driver crashed into the side of your car. Wanting to obtain justice is understandable which is why we want to help you get it. Your loved ones are the most precious people in your life and it is always difficult to overcome when they have been harmed by a negligent person or party.
There are certain actions that can be taken if your child becomes injured in an accident and you should be aware of what these options are. Our accident and injury attorneys in Clarksville, Tennessee can provide information regarding how to file a claim or lawsuit and will place your case as their top priority when you elect to hire them to represent your case.

Other types of child incidents our accident lawyers in Clarksville can aid with


  1. Child Abuse Incidents- Sometimes, we are forced to place our little ones in daycare and preschool or trust others to care for them when we have to work and engage in other daily obligations. While it is expected that these caregivers and educators are providing your child with a safe environment that is hazard free, accidents do happen. Perhaps the individual responsible for caring for your child was negligent or failed to provide adequate supervision which is why they were harmed during the time they were in their presence. If you can prove negligence was a factor in causing your child’s injury, you may have a legitimate claim on your hands.


  1. Attractive Nuisance- This is something that sparks a child’s interests and may lead them into danger. Swimming pools, lakes, boats, etc. may all be considered an attractive nuisance and the person who owns or maintains these things should take precautionary measures to ensure children aren’t harmed by them. However, if your child was injured because of an attractive nuisance and has suffered an injury or brought upon your loss, our skilled accident lawyers in Clarksville, TN are more than qualified to initiate a claim or lawsuit.


Accidents Occur in More Ways Than One

Aside from a child becoming injured in an accident that was caused by a reckless person, sometimes, they engage in other types of mishaps that lead to them becoming harmed. Did you know that based on a study conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 33,100 emergency room visits for tip-overs between 2000-2015? 52% of these injured victims were under the age of 18, many only one month to 14 months old.
Some common tip-over accidents that occur include those involving dressers, mirrors, TVs, electronics, appliances, and other types of furniture.
Children are curious and don’t always understand how something so enticing can be so dangerous. Unfortunately, this curiosity has led to many child deaths and serious injuries. So, if your child was involved in any sort of accident, before assuming nothing can be done, contact one of our reputable Clarksville, TN accident and injury attorneys featured on our site and discuss with them your current matter. They may be able to help you collect various forms of compensation for the pain, suffering, and losses you have experienced and incurred.