How do insurance companies in Tennessee handle a car accident claim?
Insurance companies in Tennessee operate based upon state and federal regulations which means they have laws they must abide by when deciding on who they hold accountable for paying for an accident once one transpires and how they are going to issue a settlement for the accident. Becoming familiar with your state’s laws can play a large role in you understanding how your insurance claim is going to be handled once you engage in an accident, whether it be an accident only involving you or an accident that transpired with another driver.
One of the most important laws you want to be cognizant of is Tennessee’s insurance laws. Tennessee operates under the “fault” insurance law which means the person who is held accountable for causing the accident is responsible for providing compensation for any damages incurred. Generally, the at-fault party will have their insurance company cover these costs given that they have adequate coverage.
One of the reasons why many are encouraged to hire an accident lawyer in Murfreesboro, TN after being involved in an auto accident or any other type is because they can inform you on all the laws that pertain to your accident and how they can affect the outcome of your payment and settlement.
Aside from the laws, also wants to uncover some myths that many individuals believe when dealing with their insurance company after engaging in an accident.

  1. The first myth is that your insurance company has your best interest.

While it would be nice to call them up, explain your accident situation, and receive a check in the mail to cover the costs of your vehicle repairs and medical bills, the process doesn’t exactly work like that. You see, once your auto insurance is made aware of your accident, they are going to want to conduct an investigation of their own where they confirm what happened, who was involved, and who caused the accident.
If your accident was a single-vehicle collision, they may be willing to pay for your damages, but at a fraction of what you thought your check would be. Why? Well, insurance companies are a part of a large business, the business of insurance that is. They run and operate with the monthly premium payments they receive from policy holders and want to continue raking in the money. However, just as fast as you are to pay your monthly premium to ensure you and your vehicle are protected, your insurance company won’t exactly act as fast. They want to be sure you are worthy of receiving these funds and aren’t always going to be fair with the amount they present to you.
This is one reason why it benefits to have a Murfreesboro, TN accident lawyer working alongside of you, especially when your accident involved another driver where serious injuries resulted from the crash. As much as we would like for our insurance companies to be fair, there are very few instances where they actually are.

  1. The insurance company is the only one who determines fault in an accident.
  2. The settlement amount my insurance carrier offered is final. Your accident lawyer can attest that this isn’t only inaccurate but that you actually can negotiate with your insurance carrier on what you believe your settlement should be. Just because you negotiate doesn’t mean you are going to get what you demand, however, your chances increase when you have a Murfreesboro, TN accident attorney fighting for case.

Our accident and injury lawyers in Murfreesboro, Tennessee have a plethora of valuable information to provide anyone who was involved in an accident or knows someone who has been the victim of an incident. We would like to help you get connected with a legal professional who can supply you with this knowledge, therefore we encourage you to give us a call now.