All Terrain Vehicle Crash Leaves One Dead

A 10 year old boy from Decherd has lost his life after being involved in an ATV crash over the weekend. He succumbed to the injuries sustained in what has been described as a side by side ATV collision as per the Franklin County Sherriff’s Department.


According to, the 10 year old has been identified by local authorities as Wylan Watson who resided at 3084 Oak Grove Road in Decherd. Responders to the auto accident included the Franklin County Sherriff’s Office, Alto-Oak Grove Volunteer Fire Department, and AMR ambulance service.


The accident involved three individuals who were occupying a side by side all-terrain vehicle or UTV which overturned during the operation. All three individuals were minors. The other two persons sustained injuries.


Unfortunately, Wylan’s injuries proved fatal as he was ejected from the vehicle and sustained head injuries. He was rushed to Southern Tennessee Regional Health System where he breathed his last breath. These are not bumper cars. Someone it seems was not driving very safely.


Authorities have initiated an investigation into the auto accident and more details will be made available once deemed pertinent. These details will play a vital role in establishing liability and other legal and insurance related issues according to accident legal professionals.


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Surviving family members of deceased 19 year old looking for clues related to the accident


Michael Wilson has requested that anyone with any information pertaining to the auto accident please contact the local authorities. The vehicle accident he is talking about is the one in which his 19 year old niece tragically lost her life after she was hit by a car.


As reported by, the deceased has been identified as Chelsea Williams. Her family wants to know the details of the accident and is questioning how it transpired. The mortal accident is said to have occurred in the usually crowded and busy Winchester Road near Ross.


Wilson exclaimed how inhumane it was that she was hit and then just left to die. As per the law enforcement officers, Chelsea and her boyfriend had driven to a fire station in order to get some help since Chelsea was not feeling well when Chelsea walked out onto the road and was struck by a dark vehicle which never stopped after the collision.


Her boyfriend, Bernard, says that they drove to a fire station and were banging on the door to get in, and Chelsea was beside him one moment and the next moment: he heard a numbing thump and turned around to see Chelsea’s body on the road. This is a very strange situation.


Chelsea was taken off life support Monday afternoon. Hopefully the evil hit and run driver is caught. If not, there will be punishment waiting for that person during judgment day.


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