A 24 year old Texan woman was arrested after a fatal motorcycle accident occurred in the intersection of state highway 9 and interstate 35. The suspect has been identified as 24 year-old Kaitlyn Romo. As per a Koco.com report, she was allegedly driving while intoxicated which officers say was the main reason for the death of a motorcyclist. The deceased has been identified as 29-year old Chad Brown. Brown was from Norman.

The incident occurred at about 35 minutes past midnight. When calls came in about the crash, officers were immediately dispatched in response. They found Brown lying in an open grass field next to the highway, he had sustained severe injuries and was rushed to Norman Regional Hospital where he was officially pronounced dead on arrival by paramedics.
Frontal hit between a car and motorcycle as viewed from inside the car
The alleged drunk driver, Romo, is from Weslaco Texas. She was also taken to the same hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries at Norman Regional.
Investigators have not yet officially declared the cause of the accident, but it is believed that the drunken driver was at fault. It is usually is. Romo is going to need legal assistance and nowhere can that be found better than using the fantastic site making waves in the online world than USAttorneys.com.
The area in which the incident occurred is one of Oklahoma’s biggest construction project which is due completion in 2017. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has confirmed that despite being the biggest on-going construction site, accidents are not a common occurrence in the area as drivers are warned to slow down and pay close attention to traffic signs and to check social media before-hand to see if they need to take any diversions.
Bail set at $100,000 for man charged with second degree murder in connection with fatal car crash
44-year old Kelly Corn has posted a bond of $100,000 and is currently free as he awaits court hearings regarding a fatal crash that occurred in April that caused the death of a six year old boy. According to arrest reports and eye witness statements, Corn was driving the wrong way on the Kilpatrick Turnpike.
As reported by Koco.com, he was taken into custody on Saturday in Callahan after he made an appearance in front of a magistrate and surrendered on Saturday morning prior to his arrest. It has been discovered that the suspect, Kelly Corn, is the son of Callahan County Judge Roger Corn who lives in Baird, Texas.
Your judge father cannot help you now
State prosecutors have hit Kelly Corn with multiple charges including second degree murder, two counts of accident that caused great injury, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and of fleeing the scene of a crash.
Oklahoma State finally illegalizes texting while driving
According to Oklahoma accident attorneys, drinking and driving has become a strict no-no throughout the nation thanks to awareness campaigns and sob stories everywhere about innocent lives that have been lost to drunken drivers. There is no doubt that throttle after bottle is very dangerous and the ban against it has to be strictly regulated and enforced. However, texting while driving is a comparatively newer, less-sinister crime that is actually just as dangerous as drinking and driving. In fact, some might argue that texting while driving actually disables a driver more than someone who is driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08.
As per a Fresno Bee report, having recognized this new killer, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed a bill which essentially bans texting while driving.

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