Texas auto accident attorneys recover damages for many types of car crashes.

nighttime crash

Texas – August 23, 2021

An experienced auto accident lawyer can review a case and apprise an accident victim on the possible scenarios for damage recovery.  Catastrophic injuries can result from different types of collisions and car accident attorneys at the Cooper Law Firm are competent with comprehensive valuations based on the residual physical harms and property replacement costs after a car accident.

Types of Texas car accidents.

  • Rear-end crashes are a common type of accident in Texas that can result in very serious physical injury.  Causes of rear-end crashes may be fatigued driving, distracted driving, using a cellular device and texting while driving, which is illegal in Texas.  Accident victims should remember that rear-end collisions lead to serious injury causing whiplash, or spine and head injury that may not present itself until a later time.  It is wise to seek a medical screening and consult with a car accident lawyer in Texas to explore legal options to cover harmful losses. 
  • Highway accidents can result in catastrophic physical injury and increased property damage because of the high speeds maintained on larger roadways.
  • Head-on crashes often occur because of a reckless driver, or some other reason that a vehicle would be headed down a roadway in the wrong direction.  Head-on collisions may lead to serious injury, or wrongful death because of the force and weight of the colliding vehicles.  Head-on crashes result in serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), concussions, bone fractures, spinal injury, loss of limb, and vision complications.
  • Intersection crashes can result in side-impact T-bone collisions, or broadside accidents where someone may run a signal and make impact with the side of a vehicle; rear-end crashes may also occur from distracted drivers who are texting, talking, or just not paying attention to cars in front of them; and head-on impacts occur even though traffic lights and signs are present.  Reckless, or speeding drivers cause significant damage to a non-moving car at a traffic signal.  If a traffic signal is broken, or there is some other safety malfunction caused by the government entity charged with maintaining the roadway, another party may be named in a negligence claim.
  • Hit-and-run accidents are illegal and drivers are never supposed to leave the scene of an accident in Texas.  Legal consequences to a hit-and-run driver are in line with the extent of injury and damages caused by the accident.

Accessing insurance funds for immediate expenses.

Cooper Law Firm car accident attorneys can manage insurance red tape for their clients who need timely compensation to pay for costly medical bills, significant property damage, and residual medical treatment in some cases, as well as wrongful death claims when someone is fatally injured by a hit-and-run driver.  Accessing death benefits for funeral and burial expenses may be necessary.

Minor car crash may still require legal consultation.

Individuals who are involved in minor car crashes should seek medical screening shortly after the crash to make certain there are no internal injuries that are not visible to the naked eye.  Even when insurance will cover the damages and injury after a minor fender bender, it is wise to consult with an auto accident lawyer at The Cooper Law Firm, who can file insurance claims and make sure that the insurance company is not shorting a client for comprehensive payments based on their, or the “at fault” party’s insurance coverages.


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