When an employee is hired for a job, they become familiar with things such as work duties, salary, and their scheduled hours, however, many are left in the dark when it comes to general information regarding work-related accidents. Although your employer is required to inform you as to whether they carry workers’ compensation insurance or have you sign a waiver stating you are willing to work even though you aren’t protected, many are unsure of the process that needs to be taken in the event an accident strikes.
It is important for every worker in Allen, Texas to be familiar with their company’s workers’ compensation policy to ensure that they are covered for that time when the unexpected slip, trip, or accident occurs. It is equally important to be aware of who to contact when it comes time to collect benefits you are rightfully due.
USAttorneys.com is here to provide you with some useful information regarding Texas’ workers’ compensation law and who is responsible for providing you with the benefits you will need if you recently engaged in an accident while on the job.
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Who is responsible for providing me with workers’ comp benefits after getting injured at work?

The insurance company whom your employer is contracted with is responsible for actually paying you the benefits you have been determined to be eligible to receive. They will also cover your medical expenses or pay out compensation for your loss of wages if you were required to spend time out of work. If your employer’s insurance carrier isn’t paying you what was agreed upon or has lowered your payments without providing an explanation, perhaps it would be a wise decision to let an accident and injury lawyer in Allen, TX to step in and remedy the situation.
The Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation (TDI-DWC), however, is a state agency that regulates workers’ compensation benefits. While this agency isn’t handling the disbursement of benefits, they can help you resolve an issue that has arisen after requesting workers’ compensation benefits. You can contact TDI-DWC should you have a question or need their assistance by calling 1-800-252-7031.
Our accident lawyers in Allen are also available to assist you if your issue is still relevant and working with TDI-DWC hasn’t helped you to resolve it either.

How can I report unsafe working conditions?

If your work accident or illness was brought on by unsafe or hazardous working conditions, you can help prevent another accident from occurring by reporting these conditions to the Safety Violations Hotline. You can call 1-800-452-9595 to report a hazard and do so 24-hours a day. Your employer cannot take any sort of legal recourse against you for reporting the unsafe work environment and our accident attorneys can assure they will represent you if your employer decides tries do so.
Now, if you were harmed in a work accident, whether it was slip or fall or you were hit by a flying object during a construction project, our accident and injury lawyers in Allen are ready to provide you with all the information you will want to know so your workers’ compensation claim can get filed and you on your way to receiving benefits.