How long after a work accident do I have before I must return back to work?
The answer to this question varies greatly. Some work accidents only have an employee out of work for a few days while other work-related accidents have caused workers to remain out of work for weeks and even months. It all comes down to the injury you suffered from and the progress you are making by receiving the medical care being provided by an authorized health care professional.
While you can only hope that you are able to recover from your work injury quickly so you can return back to work, sometimes, you may need more time which can only make it more difficult for you to get back to your usual work duties. This is one of the reasons why the Return-to Work Program was developed. The Texas Department of Insurance explains that the primarily role of this program is to help injured workers get back on their feet and working quickly and safely during the healing process. The employee wouldn’t be thrown back into their normal work tasks like before, however, there may be some changes in their regular job description or they might be assigned to an alternate work assignment.
If you are interested in the Return-to-Work Program, it can be set up through your employer so either you or your Beaumont, Texas accident lawyer working for you can address this to determine if you are ready to get back in the work field or if you need more time.

Why do employers want injured employees back at work before they have fully healed?

This a question many work-accident injury victims ask our Beaumont accident lawyers and with good reason. It would only make sense for you to remain out of work until you are fully healed right? Well, if you are wondering why your employer is trying to make arrangements for you to come back to work but you physically aren’t able to, there are a few different reasons for this. Aside from the fact that it might be a challenge for you to get back into the work field if you spend too much time out, it also costs your employer’s insurance company a significant amount of money to cover your expenses.
On that same token, if you feel you are being forced back to work but have a doctor’s approval stating you still need more time away, you do want to notify your employer of this. And if that doesn’t work, consider allowing one of our Beaumont, Texas accident lawyers to intervene. Sometimes, employers fail to take into account just how much pain and suffering their employee went through after their accident which results in them being inconsiderate when asking them to come back to work.
If you need help locating an accident attorney in the Beaumont, TX area, will gladly help you find one. We have connections with some of the best lawyers who specialize in work accident cases and would gladly get you connected with one now.