How does the insurance claims process work for a motorcycle accident in Texas?
Given that you have adequate insurance coverage on your motorcycle, you should be able to file a claim in the event you were involved in an accident in the city of Denton, Texas. If the collision involved your bike only, you only need to worry about your own insurance company, unless you believe the city may have something to do with causing your accident. In that case, it is advisable that you reach out to us or one of our recommended accident lawyers in Denton, TX who can assess your situation and determine if you have a feasible claim against the city.
Now, if your accident involved you or another driver, you will want to contact your insurance company. Whether it is Allstate, Geico, or Esurnace, you more than likely are going to need to provide them with the following information:

  • Names of all the individuals involved.
  • The number of people involved.
  • The addresses and phone numbers of all those individuals.
  • The insurance information belonging to those involved.
  • License plate numbers of the vehicles as well as description information about them such as make, year, model.
  • Witness information, including their name and contact information.
  • Photos of the damage and/or injuries.

Once your insurance company has been notified of your motorcycle accident, the following process will ensue:

  1. An inspection process will take place. At the time of inspection, if one is necessary, a claims adjuster or appraiser will come out and take a look at your motorcycle. This will help them gain an understanding of just how much damage was done.


  1. The adjuster will write up a report. The report will be provided to the agent who is responsible for handling your claim. The report should have an amount as to what your claim is worth, meaning the amount of money you are expected to receive for the damage. In the event your bike is irreparable as the cost for repairs exceed what your bike is worth, it will be written off as a total loss.


  1. You will be provided with a settlement for repairs or reimbursement. Your settlement amount will be based on the costs to repair it or replace it.


  1. Your claim will be closed. After you accept a settlement offer from your insurance company, your claim is going to be closed. One thing our accident lawyers in Denton, TX remind you to be leery of is whether the amount estimated for repairs is accurate. You don’t want to accept a settlement offer and then realize what you were paid wasn’t enough.

Obviously not every claim goes through this process as easily as it should and that is one reason why having a Denton, Texas accident attorney available to help you with your claim is encouraged.
If you wish to connect with an attorney in your area, would be glad to assist you. We will pair you up with a legal representative free of charge who can address any questions you have or take action if your motorcycle accident claim isn’t being handled fairly.