Understanding Your Rights as an Accident Victim in Texas

Anyone who engages in an accident in the El Paso, Texas has duties they are required to follow when the accident involved a personal injury or death, or is reasonably likely to result in one or the other. According to Section 550.021 of the Transportation Code of Texas, the operator of a vehicle shall:

  1. Immediately stop their vehicle at the scene of the incident or attempt to stop as close by the scene as possible.
  2. Immediately return to the scene of the auto accident if the vehicle is not stopped where it occurred.
  3. Determine if other individuals are involved in the accident, whether it be pedestrians, bicyclists, or other drivers and determine whether they require aid.
  4. Remain at the scene of the accident until the operator of the vehicle complies with the requirements set forth in Section 550.023. This step is rather important to remember as you could face criminal penalties for leaving the scene of an accident you may have caused, or one you were involved in.


  1. A person shall be deemed as committing an offense if they leave the scene and the accident involved:


  • The death of a person, which makes the charge a felony of the second degree
  • Someone who sustained serious bodily injuries. This charge would be a felony of the third degree.

If you were encountered an auto accident or any other type and left the scene, it is vital you get in touch with one of our knowledgeable accident attorneys in El Paso as you run the risk of being charged when you may have an explanation as to why.
If your accident in El Paso resulted in damage to your vehicle or the others involved, the steps following the incident are more or less the same as those stated above. One of the only differences is that if your vehicle is drivable and collided on a main lane, ramp, shoulder, median, or adjacent area of a freeway in a metropolitan area, try to move it as soon as possible to an area that won’t block traffic or put you or anyone else at risk.
Like many other states, you have rights after being involved in an accident in El Paso. For instance, if it was work-related, you might be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. If you were injured in a store because the premises were left in an unsafe manner, that store and even possibly an employee might be held accountable for causing any injuries you may have sustained. The same applies to auto accidents.
If you were injured in an auto accident, you might be able to collect compensation from both your insurance company and that of the other parties involved. One of the only issues that can arise is that the insurer who is expected to pay you doesn’t exactly want to comply or offers you a lower settlement amount than you actually deserve.
Therefore, in the event you or anyone you know was entangled in an accident, regardless of what type, it is in your best interest to speak with a well-versed and well-informed accident lawyer in El Paso. Not only do you want to avoid losing your rights as an injury victim, but if you broke a law or didn’t comply with the requirements you were expected to fulfill, you may need a legal counsel working on your side.
Give us a call today at USAttorneys.com and we will gladly find you a local accident lawyer in Texas who will address all your legal concerns.

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