Are you the victim of a burn injury? Were you involved in an auto accident that caught fire and has resulted in you having to suffer with this unfortunate injury? Did you know that there are accident lawyers in Frisco, Texas who are available to assist you in the event you wish to bring a claim or lawsuit against the others involved or collect more compensation from your insurance company?
While car accidents and other types of incidents involving different types of vehicles lead to injuries such as whiplash, back and neck pain, and even broken bones, another common injury many accident victims suffer from are burns. Fires tend to break out after a car hits another vehicle or even collides with an immobile object. Sadly, burn victims not only have to deal with the trauma they experience from the accident itself, but also what is to come after suffering from a severe burn.

Many Burn Victims Suffer from Psychological Distress

Psychological distress is one thing many burn victims go through. The way in which a burn injury affects a victim differs as these types of injuries range in severity. However, according to the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center, most burn victims report that they experience one of more of the following:

  • Feeling sad, anxious, or irritable.
  • Feeling helpless
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Feeling upset about depending on other people for assistance.
  • Feeling distant from friends and family.
  • Having difficult falling asleep.
  • Having trouble replacing their body or mind.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Low energy levels.

Sometimes, a victim might sustain a burn on their face or another obvious area of their body and worry how others will react to the way they look. Most burns are identifiable with the scarring they leave which can affect a victim’s self-esteem. Because of the pain and suffering an accident victim has to endure as well the psychological distress many suffer from, it is vital that anyone with this injury receive the legal aid they will require in order to get a claim or lawsuit filed.

State agencies available to help and support burn victims

Having to go through the stages of recovering after a burn incident that resulted from a car collision isn’t something you should have to do on your own. Of course, you have your Frisco, CA accident lawyer who is going to assist you to ensure your rights as a burn victim are recognized, but there are also support groups and agencies available to you.
The Texas Burn Survivor Society holds different events for burn victims as well as provides certain types of assistance to them. They have support groups, offer scholarships, and have various types of programs available. Trying to get through this struggle on your own is going to be much more difficult than if you make the effort to speak with others who are dealing with similar circumstances.
We encourage you to give us a call today so we can begin getting you paired up with a nearby burn accident lawyer in Frisco, CA today. Although monetary support isn’t going to change the outcome of the accident, it could help you get through this unfortunate time with a little more ease.