Your insurance company is supposed to look out for your best interest, help you during the time of an accident, and ensure you receive the coverage you have been paying on for years now right? While this is true, it isn’t exactly how things pan out after an accident. There are many instances where policy holders have found that their insurance company isn’t doing what they need and actually making the claims process much harder to deal with.
One of the things your insurer might claim is that you don’t actually need a Garland, TX accident lawyer to help you. The truth is, insurance companies don’t want personal injury lawyers to get involved simply because they are then going to really have to pay you what your accident is worth, and many don’t want to. While it might sound shocking, this is a hurdle many victims aren’t able to overcome because they didn’t elect to hire a lawyer who can help them and fight on their behalf.

Does your accident and injuries justify you to hire a personal injury lawyer?

If you are asking yourself this question or were presented with it by an insurance adjuster, then your best bet is to actually schedule your free consultation with one of our reliable accident lawyers located right here in Garland. Insurance companies are generally the primary source where compensation comes from so you need to know they are going to supply you fairly and accurately for your accident claim.

What are the insurance requirements in Garland, TX?

Every state requires its drivers to carry certain types of insurance and limits per policy. In the state of Texas, drivers who are at-fault for an accident are required to pay for the damages they cause in an accident. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, many drivers protect themselves by carrying auto liability insurance. “Liability insurance pays to repair or replace the other driver’s car and pays other people’s medical expenses when you’re at fault in an accident.”
The state requires the following liability insurance amounts:

  • $30,000 for each injured person, up to $60,000 per accident.
  • $25,000 for property damage per accident.

This type of coverage is referred to as 30/60/25.
While liability coverage will help to cover the costs another driver incurred from the damage brought on and the injuries they suffered, it won’t cover you. Liability insurance will not pay to treat your injuries nor will it cover the costs to repair your vehicle. Coverage such as personal injury protection, uninsured, and underinsured insurance is what can help cover you after an accident has occurred.

How well do you know your policy?

Another reason you should consider hiring one our top accident lawyers located in Garland, TX is because they can help you get through that confusing insurance policy and make some sense of it. Accidents and insurance go hand in hand and you need a professional that is capable of understanding both. Our Garland accident attorneys possess years’ worth of experience in the field and won’t let your insurance company take advantage of you or your accident claim.