I was injured in a work accident in Midland, Texas. What do I need to do to receive workers’ comp benefits?
One of the first forms a worker in Midland, Texas needs to file after encountering an accident in the workplace or contracting an illness is the DWC Form-041, Employee’s Claim for Compensation for a Work-Related Injury or Occupational Disease. You can retrieve a copy of this form by simply clicking here and will need to fill out the corresponding fields to the best of your ability. This form is to acknowledge that you did engage in an accident and wish to pursue a claim in order to be considered for workers’ compensation benefits.
Just because you pursue a claim as an injured worker doesn’t necessarily imply that you are making allegations against your employer as though they are at fault for causing your accident. Work accidents arise for various reasons and you may just be trying to collect the compensation you need for the time you must spend away from work for recovery and to cover the medical treatments you need as a result of your injury.
It is vital that you remain aware of the fact that this form must be submitted to the appropriate division within one year from when the accident happened or from the time you became aware of your injury. As you know, sometimes symptoms are delayed after a work accident and you may have been under the impression that no harm was done. However, if you have recently learned that the work accident did in fact bring upon an injury, you should then notify your employer and proceed on with filing Form-041 with the DWC, Division of Workers’ Compensation.
Accident lawyers in Midland, Texas remind you that by reporting your accident right after it occurs to your employer can help avoid your employer from trying to deny you benefits should your injuries be delayed.

What happens after the Division of Workers’ Compensation Division receives my Form-041?


  1. Once you submit Form-041, the DWC will establish a DWC claim number for you.
  2. You should receive some information in the mail pertaining to workers’ compensation benefits for those who live in Texas.
  3. The DWC will also notify your employer as well as their insurance carrier they are contracted with for workers’ compensation benefits of your claim.

At any point during the claims process or while you are under the care for your work-related injury, you can contact the DWC by calling 1-800-252-7031. We also have accident attorneys in Midland, Texas who can provide you with some up-front and useful information regarding your work accident and your injuries.
You may have certain questions you need answered including:

  • How much am I entitled to receive as an injured worker in Midland, TX?
  • How will these benefits be paid out?
  • What if my employer’s insurance carrier is delaying my payment?

Although the DWC may be able to provide you with some of these answers, our accident lawyers in Midland can take action if need be. Therefore, if you wish to get a free-consultation scheduled to discuss more about your benefits and what you are entitled to, we are available to connect you with a local Midland accident and injury lawyer now.