While the state of Texas is recognized for many different things, it is also recognized for having the highest number of drunk driving-related deaths occur according to The Right Step. Based on their statistics, one person is injured or killed every 20 minutes due to a drunk driver. A drunk driver isn’t aware of their actions, the speed they are going, or the fact that they are impaired which is why so many drunk driving accidents turn fatal.
If you have suffered from a serious injury that has left you disabled or you lost a loved one to a drunk driving accident in the city of Pasadena, Texas, the best way to seek justice is to hire an accident lawyer in Pasadena recommended right here on our site.
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What support groups are available for victims of drunk drivers?

If you are looking for a support group that can help you through this rough time, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) is the nation’s largest non-profit organization you can turn to. They provide various resources as well as support to those who have become a victim to a drunk or drugged driving accident. MADD was founded by a mother of a daughter who was killed in a drunk driving accident and because of her loss, she created this organization to help inform and protect individuals from other drunk drivers.
Some of the services MADD can provide you with includes:

  • Giving you the chance to connect with other victims. Sometimes it is easier to get through something traumatic and life-altering when you know someone else can relate to what you are going through.


  • They provide support literature. MADD has a wide selection of brochures available to you that may give you some insight into things you weren’t aware of.


  • Maddvocate Magazine-In this publication you will find several different stories that might be uplifting.

You can contact MADD by calling 877-MADD-HELP, which is their 24-hour victim help line. You can also visit their site to take advantage of the various resources they offer.

It’s time to stand up against drunk drivers

Too many lives are taken because a driver was negligent and was too careless to make alternate plans to avoid driving drunk. It is time you let our legal representatives who specialize in drunk driving accidents help fight for your rights as a victim and punish the individual who caused you to suffer with this injury or loss.
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