Legal Steps Every Bicycle Accident Victim Should be Aware of
Bicyclists are some of the most vulnerable individuals out on the roadways as they are limited with their protective gear and often disregarded by many drivers. When a person engages in a bicycle accident, it is likely that they suffered from some sort of injury and were left with an uneasy feeling about getting back on their bike.
If you were involved in a bicycle accident in the city of Richardson, Texas, there are steps that should be taken that will help strengthen your case and help you if you are wishing to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the motorist who hit you.
These steps are provided below for you.
Get medical attention right away. Whether your injuries are obvious or not, you are going to want to get evaluated by a medical physician who can provide you with a written summary of what types of injuries you incurred and potential injuries they think you might suffer from as a result of your accident. This is going to serve as one form of proof if you are looking to take legal action against the party who caused your accident. And trust us, you are going to want to cover all your bases in terms of evidence because it is likely the other party who did hit you will hire an accident attorney of their own to defend themselves.
You will also want to hire your own Richardson, Texas accident lawyer as well but we will discuss that further down.
Collect your evidence. Every accident scene should be captured on video or through photographs. Most people are carrying a smartphone today that is equipped with a camera that is capable of taking photos that highlight detail so don’t leave anything out. Be sure to take photos of your bike, your injuries, the damage from the car, the entire accident scene, and anything else you might think will be valuable to your case.
Contact your insurer. You will want to report your accident and find out what types of coverage you have that will cover your injuries and the medical treatment you require. You may be able to collect compensation from the other driver’s insurance carrier and in a settlement if you win your personal injury case.
Get in touch with an accident attorney in Richardson, TX. Bicycle injuries have the ability to alter your life, prohibiting you from engaging in some of the things you once enjoyed so much. Because the other driver may have been at-fault, this is going to need to be proven and you will want someone who is qualified and well-versed in the field of accident law backing you up that can get that accomplished.
And remember, don’t be too open to providing information and statements regarding your accident until you have sat down with one of our Richardson, TX accident attorneys and discussed your matter. Sometimes saying more can actually harm you rather than help you and that is the last thing you need after being involved in a bicycle accident.
To have one of our agents find you an accident attorney in Richardson, TX who is qualified to help you, give us a call now or submit our convenient contact information form right here through our site.