Will my car insurance cover my medical bills after an accident?
Getting into an auto accident might have you questioning several different things.

  • Do I call my insurance company?
  • Who is going to be found at-fault for causing the crash?
  • Who will pay my medical bills?
  • Will my insurance company cover the damage done to my vehicle?

While these are all legitimate questions that need answering, we are going to go in depth on one that many victims often ask our accident lawyers in Round Rock, Texas: Will my insurance cover my medical bills?

Texas Follows At-Fault Insurance Laws: What Does That Mean for You?

When someone is guilty of causing an accident, they are considered “at-fault”, meaning they are the cause of the accident. This means that their insurance policy is expected to pay for the medical bills in order for you to receive medical care. However, sometimes accidents place us in a position to where we need to seek immediate medical attention right after. So, who is responsible for reimbursing you for these costs?
Well, that would fall back on to the insurance company of the at-fault party. While you can only hope that their insurance carrier is going to comply and provide you with adequate coverage, if they aren’t carrying enough, which is known as underinsured, or they are delaying in processing your claim, you could be waiting weeks before you receive any form of compensation.
This is one reason why our accident lawyers in Round Rock, Texas suggest that you keep record of every medical bill you receive so you can use this when it comes time to being provided with a settlement. You are going to want your settlement offer to include these expenses.

Who else will help pay for my medical bills after an accident?

While most rely on their auto insurance company for this type of compensation, there are other sources available.

  1. Health Insurance- In the event your medical bills exceed your policy limits or the limits of the other driver, you can turn to your health insurance company to step in.


  1. Medicare- If you have Medicare, they will cover the costs of some of your medical bills but may want to be reimbursed in the event you are provided with a settlement. Check with your local Medicare department to determine how much this might be. If you would like, our Round Rock, TX accident lawyers are available to help you with this in the event you need it.


  1. Workers’ Compensation– In the event the accident occurred while you were on the clock, you may be entitled to have all your medical bills covered by your employer’s workers’ comp insurance company. To learn more about workers’ comp and whether or not you might be covered with this type of coverage, reach out to one of the recommended accident lawyers in Round Rock, Texas found right here on our site.

Things like where the accident occurred, whether it was on the clock, and who was at-fault will determine where you receive coverage from. If you would like legal assistance in determining which source is the proper source to be providing you with compensation for your medical bills, we have Texas accident and injury attorneys who would be more than willing to find this out for you.