What is a first-party insurance claim?
A first-party insurance claim is a claim that you would file through your own insurance company. For instance, if you were involved in a vehicular accident and sustained vehicle damage and/or injuries, you, as the insured, would file a claim through your insurance company to recover compensation that will allow you to pay for your vehicle to be repaired and cover the medical costs necessary to treat your injuries.
However, the state of Texas recognizes itself as an at-fault state which means the person who is found guilty, or at-fault, for causing an accident is responsible for compensating the other drivers for the damage they cause.  So, rather than filing a claim through your own insurance company, you would then file your claim through their insurance given they have purchased the required amounts. When you file a claim through another driver’s insurance company for the damage they caused, your claim would be considered a third-party claim, not a first-party claim.
In the event the driver isn’t carrying enough coverage, you may then want to turn to your own insurer to see if they are able to pick up the remaining amounts the other driver’s insurance company wasn’t able to cover. You have to keep in mind that not everyone is carrying insurance nor do they have high limits on their policy. Because of this, it sometimes makes it difficult for an accident victim to recover the appropriate amount of compensation simply because the insurance company will only cover approved damages and pay out what the policy limits are set at.

Why might I need a San Angelo, Texas accident lawyer to assist me with my accident claim?

The fact is, while you would expect that your insurance company or that of the other driver is going to accept your claim, pay it out, and allow you to be on your way, it doesn’t always work out that way. There are various reasons why accident lawyers are called upon and to avoid dealing with any of the frustration and confusion that insurance companies often carry with them, it is easier to have one of our skilled attorneys help you throughout the entire claims process.
Insurance companies will provide settlement offers far below what your damage has been estimated to be, deny your claim, or delay paying you what you are rightfully due. While you are limited in what you can actually do as a claimant aside from filing a complaint, our accident lawyers can use their voice and knowledge and demand that an insurer process your claim and pay it.
So, if you would like to be placed in contact with a local accident attorney in the city of San Angelo, TX, contact us now. Our agents are capable of getting you connected with some of the best attorneys in the field that specialize specifically in accident law who can assist you. When an insurance company learns that you have enlisted the help of a lawyer, they will be less inclined to deny your claim for illegitimate reasons and work to get it processed quicker.