Negotiating an Accident Claim
If you were involved in an auto accident, were injured while crossing the street, or your vehicle was hit by a commercial truck driver in Sugar Land, Texas, you are likely looking to collect compensation for the injuries you sustained, correct? When we refer to compensation, we are referring to the funds that will cover the medical treatments you have either already received or still need as well as the funds to repair your damaged vehicle. But, what if the insurance company is giving you a hard time and they don’t want to pay you for what your damages are worth? Do you simply accept the information they are providing you, regardless of whether it is accurate or not?
The fact is, our accident attorneys in Sugar Land know a thing or two about insurance companies and a great deal of them don’t always have the best interest of the claimant in mind. In fact, most insurance companies will rush to assess your vehicle damage as well as the injuries you sustained and try and provide you with a settlement off the bat. This way, once you accept it, you are no longer permitted to revisit the claim in an attempt to collect more money.
Truth be told, many accident victims in Sugar Land suffer from such harsh injuries that it doesn’t only affect them physically, but also financially. And many of them feel obligated and even forced to accept the settlement their insurer is offering. That is one reason why our accident and injury lawyers in Sugar Land, TX urge victims to speak with them before making any decisions that are final. The reason being is that you are permitted to negotiate with the insurance company, in other words, go back and forth with them on the amount you think your injuries are worth.
And that brings us to this common question that many accident victims wonder:

How do I know if I need to negotiate my accident claim?

You may want to consider rejecting your insurance company’s settlement offer for your damages and negotiating your accident claim if:

  1. The insurance adjuster is claiming that your vehicle damages are less than what you estimated them to be. You will need to be able to explain why you believe your damages are worth more and the documentation to back up these claims. This is where our Sugar Land accident attorneys can be rather beneficial as they will know exactly what you will want to obtain and/or provide.
  2. Your settlement amount is far below what your injuries are worth. Although you and the other driver have limits on your policy as to how much can be awarded for your injuries, if the settlement amount hasn’t reached that limit and you feel your injuries are worth more than what was offered, negotiate with your insurer.

It might take a few times for you and your insurer to go back and forth, however, the key is to not get impatient and just agree to the amount they provide. Because you are an accident victim, this process can sometimes be overwhelming which is why it is best to have an accident lawyer helping you out with it. You are the victim in the matter and you don’t want to be victimized again by an insurance company who is looking to save money on your claim.
If you would like help in locating an accident and injury lawyer in the city of Sugar Land, Texas now, our agents here at USAttorneys are ready to take your call.