Can I sue someone for running a red light?
The answer is yes. If someone crashed into you because they failed to stop at a traffic signal that indicated they needed to stop, you can hold them accountable for hitting your vehicle. In many instances, when someone runs through a red light, they are often traveling at a high rate of speed trying to get through it before it turns red. When this happens and they crash into another vehicle, the impact often results in injury to one or both of the drivers and/or their passengers.
If you are looking to hold a driver accountable who hit you while running a red light, you are going to need an accident lawyer in Tyler, Texas to help you file a personal injury claim. In the state of Texas, the laws stipulate that if someone is negligent or careless and causes an auto accident, they are to be held accountable. However, if their insurance company isn’t able to pay you enough to cover the true cost of the damage done, you then can file a personal injury lawsuit against them.
Car accidents are known to bring upon serious conditions including:

  • Head and neck injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Back injuries
  • Leg injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Chest injuries

While some accident victims are able to recover completely, others often suffer from chronic pain which ultimately affects their way of life going forward after the accident. Because car crashes are known to bring on pain and suffering, you need to be certain that your injuries are compensated for. The weeks and months of pain and suffering, the time you had to spend out of work, the mental anguish you may have had to go through, all need to be taken into account when filing a claim against the other driver.
The State of Texas allows a personal injury victim to file suit within two years from when the accident transpired. This means that once the two years is up, you aren’t able to take any sort of legal action against the reckless individual who caused your accident.
Our Texas accident attorneys are available to speak with you regarding this timeframe and what you can do to ensure you don’t lose out on your chance to hold the negligent party accountable for your injuries.

What if a victim’s injuries results in their death?

When a person is hit by a negligent driver and causes and accident that leads to a person’s death, a wrongful death lawsuit is something the victim’s family can file. Just like a personal injury lawsuit, a wrongful suit carries a statute of limitations as well. Whether the individual didn’t survive the crash or has suffered an injury that caused them to pass away, you may be able to file this type of lawsuit with the help our accident and injury attorneys in Tyler, TX can offer.
The process to file each type of lawsuit varies differently along with the types of damages you can claim in it. This is only one of the many reasons why you want to have a reputable and knowledgeable accident lawyer in Tyler working with you. They can inform you on the various types of damages you may be entitled to collect, the amount to demand for each, and aid you in the process of getting the actual paperwork and documentation filed with the appropriate courts.
To get paired up with a local accident attorney in the city of Tyler, give us a call or submit a contact information form right here through our site.