What role will my insurance company play if a vehicle hits my home?
Most car accidents transpire out on the roadways of Waco, Texas, and generally involve one or more vehicles. Oddly enough, vehicles can engage in various types of accidents including crashing into a home. Although these accidents aren’t as common as those we see on the roads, when they do occur, you need to know what to do and how you can get your home repaired.

Contact your auto insurance company as well as your homeowner’s insurance

The reason we carry insurance is for accidents such as these. When the unexpected occurs, we need someone to turn to who is going to help us get the damage repaired and done so in a timely manner. That is usually our insurance company or that of the driver who hit our home. While Texas does follow the at-fault insurance law, which means the person who causes the accident is responsible for paying for the damage, when it involves your home, things might get a little more complicated.
This is where we are going to suggest that you consult with one of our accident attorneys in Waco, Texas just to be on the safe side so they can inform you on what you may need to do. Because the accident involves a vehicle, but also your home, both your homeowner’s insurance and the drivers auto insurance may need to get involved.

Will auto insurance pay for the damage a vehicle did to my home?

They might. It all depends on the limits the driver has and whether they are carrying property damage coverage. You are going to want to contact their insurance carrier to determine this and remember, don’t always settle for the first answer they give you. If the insurance agent states that you have to file a claim on your own through your own insurer, contact us immediately and let one of our Waco, Texas accident attorneys intervene. There are many cases where insurance companies try and take advantage of individuals who aren’t aware of their rights and this could cause you to lose out on money to cover the costs for the necessary repairs.

Your homeowner’s insurance company may provide compensation as well

You also want to contact your homeowner’s insurance company to find out if they will cover this accident and what you need to do to file a claim. In most cases, you will need to report the incident and the details regarding it to your homeowners’ insurance agent to initiate claim. And regardless of which insurance carrier you file the claim through, you can expect that a claims adjuster will come out to estimate the damage that was done. No money can be awarded until your insurer knows the total cost of the damage which then will allow them to derive at an estimate.
Now, one of the reasons why we recommend you speak with one of our trustworthy accident attorneys in Waco, Texas is that they are going to be up-front with you and provide you with accurate information regarding the accident. You don’t have to worry about being taken advantage as our attorneys are going to have your best interest in mind. Having your home damaged can ultimately affect how the next few days and even weeks are going to pan out for you and your family. Therefore, in order to get more information regarding this type of accident and what your insurance companies should be doing, give us a call now.