Can I go to any doctor after a work accident that occurred in the state of Texas?
It depends. If your employer provides workers’ compensation benefits through a certified workers’ compensation health care network, then you would be required to choose a physician from the list they provide you with [Source: Texas Department of Insurance]. If your employer has yet to give you this list, be sure to request one from them so you can look into which doctor is the best to treat your work-related injuries. The doctor who you choose to treat you will supervise you throughout the duration of your care and serve as the liaison between any other providers in the network.

How can I find a doctor to treat me for my work-related injuries?

Now, if your employer isn’t contracted with any physician or working with a network, you then want to try and find a physician that treats workers’ compensation patients. In the event you choose someone who doesn’t accept your employer’s insurance, you can expect that your treatment and/or medications won’t be covered and you will have to pay for the care out of your own pocket.
Rather be safe than sorry, be sure you choose a physician who is contracted with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. Some options the Texas Department of Insurance suggests you do if you are looking for a doctor to treat the injuries you suffered from in your work accident are provided below:

  1. Speak with your primary care physician and find out if they can treat you for your work-related injury. If they don’t treat workers’ comp patients, ask them to recommend another physician who may as many have close connections with other doctors and can refer you to someone who is going to provide you with the best care.


  1. Search online for workers’ compensation physicians in Wichita Falls, Texas. Although you don’t want to just choose anyone, you can at least gather a few names from the search results, conduct some research, and read some reviews on these doctors so you make an informed decision on who you allow to treat you.

To ensure you don’t choose a doctor who isn’t permitted to treat workers’ comp patients, you can access a list of these doctors by clicking here. This list is provided by the Texas Department of Insurance.
While you shouldn’t have any problem receiving the treatment you need and having it covered by your employer’s insurance company, sometimes claims are denied. In the event your workers’ compensation claim was denied, contact the adjuster and find out why. If they aren’t able to find a solution to your problem, contact the Customer Assistance department at 1-800-252-7031 and ask for a Benefit Review Program.
If you find that your issue is still not resolved, contact one of our accident attorneys in Wichita Falls, Texas. You can browse through the featured attorneys we have on our site or allow an agent of ours to find a local attorney in Wichita Falls for you.