Trip and fall accidents make up a large portion of the visits made to emergency rooms across the U.S. While many individuals who fall stand a good chance at recovering and regaining their ability to walk and move about, those who are above the age of 65 or older are much more at risk of not recovering as quickly or at all. Take a nursing home resident for instance who is already living with a health condition that has weakened their immune system. In most cases, the likelihood of their body healing decreases and their ability to regain the strength to do the things they once could after the fall simply declines. Because an elderly individual’s body cannot heal itself the way it once could, a fall can be detrimental to a senior citizen.
“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the number one cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in Americans aged 65 and older.” And nearly “27,000 seniors succumb annually due to falls” [Source: Aging Care]. Sadly, many falls are the turning point for a senior citizen as they go from being mobile to having to rely on someone else for care. And the place of the body that becomes injured after the fall also determines just how serious their condition could be. Some falls result in traumatic brain injuries while others result in a hip fracture. But, “even minor trauma can require hospitalization, and many never regain the level of functionality and confidence they enjoyed before the incident.”

A Slip and Fall Accident Places an Elderly Individual at a Much Greater Risk of Developing Other Health Conditions


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While there is medical care that can be rendered to help treat a senior citizen who fell, you have to remember that their recovery time is much longer than someone younger and healthier. And that means they may be required to spend more time in a hospital or a rehabilitation facility. “This leaves the elderly more vulnerable to hospital-acquired infections, such as pneumonia, sepsis, C. diff, and catheter-associated urinary tract infections.” And if the infection is harder to treat with antibiotics, things can turn fatal for a senior citizen who simply engaged in a slip and fall accident.
Because some senior citizens are much more fragile and frail, it is important that you and those caring for them all take the necessary measures to ensure that a slip and fall accident doesn’t occur. If you are interested in reading about how you can prevent a senior from falling, click here.
Now, if you have a loved one living in a nursing home facility in Lane, OR and you believe they weren’t properly cared for which resulted in them falling, consider consulting with a Lane, OR accident lawyer regarding the incident. They will be able to determine if negligence played a role in your loved one’s fall and help you seek justice. If you are a senior citizen who fell on someone else’s property and you feel the accident could have been prevented had the premises been properly maintained, don’t hesitate to contact as an accident attorney in Lane can help you too.

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