Road accidents have become more common than we realize. Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, things only seem to get worse. Accidents are occurring at an exceeding rate. In such circumstances, you must ask yourselves how you can avoid such unfortunate incidents. Let’s discuss what went down in the recent Idaho accident event and how one can use an accident attorney in such circumstances. 


A brief into the Idaho accident 


An Idaho Falls man was recently arrested for allegedly crashing a car, breaking into a house, attempting a traffic stop, and then winning into a canal. Over a series of events that took place, starting from 4:30 PM Sunday, the Idaho Falls police recorded that they received a call reporting a burglary in process. This event took place on Skyline Drive. The caller went ahead by saying that they had encountered a man robbing a rifle from their car before his move In a gray Dodge Stratus. 


The police spokeswoman suggested that they switched on the emergency lights to catch the individual. The driver was then identified as Macro Leal, a 23-year old individual. The driver continued to travel at high speed to avoid getting caught. 


Leal started a red light at the broadway street, Utah Avenue intersection. He then crashed into a white truck that was moving through the intersection. After this accident, the suspect jumped straight into a canal and simultaneously floated down the canal. After a while, the suspect was caught and arrested for felony grand theft, burglary, felony leaving the scene of an accident, felony eluding, and two other felony counts for possession of a firearm. 


The Idaho Falls police additionally moved him to the Eastern Idaho regional medical center. After the process of jail clearance, he was transferred to the Bonneville County Jail. The accident that took place involved two individuals who had minor injuries. 


The need for an accident attorney 


In the accident caused on Sunday, nobody was hurt severely by God’s grace. However, people may have to pay hefty amounts of money for their destroyed vehicles in such cases. Also, to get justice, accident attorneys are incredibly crucial. 


By hiring an accident attorney, you can ensure that the case is smoothly handled and that you, the suspect of the crime, if found guilty and pays back for all the damage caused. 


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