The Law Firm of Mears, Smith, Houser & Boyle, P.C., has five seasoned Trial Lawyers, having between 30 to 48 years of Trial experience each.  Our eight Lawyer Law Firm has had significant results in dealing with severe and catastrophic vehicle accidents and their resultant debilitating injuries.  Our Firm has tried many cases to a Jury Verdict.  We have resolved thousands of motor vehicle accident cases for more than three decades.  Our Accident Attorneys take care of you, our client.  Real Lawyers work with you.  Real Accident Lawyers handle your case.  We are here for you.  Some of our Attorneys have received ‘Special Training’ in engineering, traumatic injuries, dealing with forensic accident reviews, and accident reconstruction.  We have engaged and use many exceptional experts to give clear explanation of our client’s injuries.  Let us be your Attorneys.  We are not afraid to fight for our clients to get the best results possible.

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