There are several reasons to file an injury lawsuit for compensation in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, LACar collisions are a common source of financial stress. This is because victims who were involved in the accident often have sudden costs associated with medical bills, property repairs, and time away from work. While the insurance process may cover some of these costs, especially if vehicle damage is the only problem caused by the accident, other drivers may need to resort to an injury lawsuit to get financial help through a settlement or trial verdict. 

The determination of fault

When one driver or business is found to be at fault for the accident, the law holds them accountable because their actions were ultimately responsible for any losses or injuries that resulted from the collision. There are doctrines within the civil law system such as negligence that make the party at fault pay for their mistakes through damages, which is the legal term for compensation. Negligence is the doctrine that says a breach of the duty of care required on the roads was the cause of the collision. If multiple drivers are involved, fault can be divided between all of them through the relevant negligence laws. 

Loss of earning potential

After a very serious accident, the victim may experience a permanent disability or an inability to function as normal. There can be costs associated with both long term medical treatment and the fact that the victim can no longer earn money and work. When someone’s career is essentially ended because of an injury, their future lost wages can be a significant part of damages, especially if they were young when the accident happened or had a high earning potential. The damages in these kinds of cases can reach very large amounts if the plaintiff loses out on decades of work and income.  

Deterrence for the future

Someone who engages in dangerous or reckless behaviors on the road may continue to do so until they receive some form of punishment. While civil and criminal cases related to an accident are handled separately, the civil lawsuit can still be a form of deterrence. Once the defendant has been sued, they may change their behaviors to be more careful on the roads and avoid future accidents. Victims should keep in mind that the person responsible can still be sued even if they receive traffic citations or criminal charges for their role in causing an automobile accident

Learning more about accident lawsuits

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