Boca Raton, FL – Even though it seems like a normal activity, the most dangerous thing that most people do on a daily basis is drive their car. Thousands of Americans are injured in motor vehicle collisions each year, which involve a combination of pedestrians, trucks, motorcycles, and various other types of vehicles. When these incidents happen, it is important for victims to get legal help and try to resolve the situation through a settlement or lawsuit that will pay for their losses. 

Data about accidents from the state government

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has created a detailed dashboard that summarizes accident data in the state. Approximately 400,000 collisions involving at least one motor vehicle happen every year in Florida. Palm Beach County and the Boca Raton area account for about 25,000 to 30,000 of these incidents each year alone. About 10,000 to 15,000 people involved in these crashes will be injured in the county, and about 200 of those injuries will prove to be fatal. 

What should an accident victim do immediately following the crash?

At the scene, it is important to notify local law enforcement and obtain information from the others involved. If injuries are not a factor, it can be beneficial to take pictures, talk to witnesses and collect evidence at the accident scene. The police departments in most cities and towns have a traffic division that will perform many of these actions and generate a report that is available to anyone involved. The drivers should also contact their insurance companies after the collision and report the losses to see if their policy will cover related damage. 

The process of getting legal help and winning a lawsuit

The victim can also speak with a personal injury attorney about the situation. After filing the case, the lawyer for the plaintiff will try to show that one or more of the other drivers involved were negligent and caused the losses and injuries. In Florida, even if the driver who was injured is partially at fault, they can still collect based on the principles of comparative negligence. This system allows fault to be divided between everyone involved, and the relative level of fault will only result in reduced damages, rather than a ban on collecting any money. 

Accident attorneys are available for consultations with potential clients

When someone is hurt in any kind of accident, it is always recommended to meet with a lawyer to explore the possibility of a lawsuit and other remedies. Rosenberg Injury Law is a respected and experienced accident firm in Boca Raton that has successfully helped local clients.

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