These are the reasons why there are lawsuits related to Camp LeJeune

San Antonio, TX – Camp LeJeune is a military base in North Carolina. Various members of the armed forces and civilian workers who were at the base between the 1950s and 1980s may potentially be in great danger or they may already be experiencing serious health problems. There are several different reasons why this situation has become dire, and anyone who is concerned about their health after working in the area can get in touch with a lawyer to explore their options which include filing a lawsuit for compensation.  

Water contamination

Investigations into Camp LeJeune have found that the water supply had contained various harmful substances such as benzene and chloroform. This contamination includes chemicals that were used for cleaning, fuel, and possibly even radioactive materials. This same water supply that was contaminated had also been used by people living on the base for their residential activities such as cooking, drinking, and bathing. Many people in the area had not been notified of these dangers until years or decades later depending on when they had started to reside on the base.  

Information was slow to be released

The problems related to contaminated water and carcinogens at Camp LeJeune did not become public knowledge as quickly as they should have. There is evidence that the government attempted to keep information about these problems for years after tests had revealed that people living in the area could be in serious danger. In recent years, congress has passed legislation to assist veterans who want to take action related to their health issues caused by the situation at Camp LeJeune. 

A variety of health problems are possible

There are a number of different health problems that have emerged in individuals who were at the base. Among the most serious are various types of cancer including liver cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, and cervical cancer. Other potentially life changing issues can include kidney failure due to toxins, infertility, anemia, lymphoma, and anemia. This list is also not exhaustive, as there may be new health issues discovered in the future and people filing lawsuits are allowed to present evidence regarding why they believe their problems were caused by the Camp LeJeune water contamination. 

Additional information about Camp LeJeune lawsuits

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