This is how South Miami lawyers calculate accident damages

South Miami, FL – South Miami is known for its vibrant nightlife and its exquisite restaurants. Unfortunately, a great night out can often end in an accident and a trip to the ER. Car accidents are the most common cause of injury in South Miami, but you might also get injured in a slip and fall or a bar fight you had nothing to do with. 

If that happens to you, you must reach out to an experienced South Miami accident lawyer. They will help you decide which is the best way to recover damages and, most important, how much your injury is worth. 

Florida is a no-fault state, which allows you to recover damages up to the limit of your Personal Injury Protection policy even if you were partly or even totally responsible for what happened. If you sustain substantial financial damages you’ll have to either file a personal injury claim with the other party’s insurer or sue them. Under Florida laws, you can sue someone for damages only if your injury meets a certain threshold. 

How are damages calculated for an accident in South Miami?

Under a personal injury claim, you are entitled to two types of monetary compensation – economic and non-economic. 

Economic damages are relatively easy to calculate as they are based on bills or payslips.

You must be very careful and keep all your medical bills in one place. If you’re going through a difficult recovery process, it might be better to send all the bills to your accident lawyers so they can keep track of all the medical expenses.

In Florida, you can recover all your medical expenses, so there’s no need to worry whether you can afford a certain type of treatment or not. 

Your lawyers will also calculate how much your lost wages amount to. This does not refer only to the money you lost while you were in the hospital or recovering at home, but also to your lost future earnings. If you are left with a disability that will affect your earning capacity, you must be compensated for that.

How much is my suffering worth?

Pain and suffering fall under non-economic or general damages. You will need knowledgeable Florida personal injury lawyers to put a price on that. 

After an accident, your first step will be to file a claim against the responsible party’s insurance. When you do that, your lawyers need to know exactly how much money you’re going to ask for. The value of your pain and suffering depends primarily on the severity of your injury and the extent to which they impacted your everyday life. 

The multiplier method

If your injury is severe, your lawyers will go for the multiplier method. This means that your total economic damages resulting from the accident will be multiplied by a factor between 1 and 5. It is your lawyer’s job to convince the insurance adjuster or the jury that your injury deserves a high factor, of 4 or 5.

The per diem method

This method is mostly used for minor injuries, for instance, a broken bone that will heal in 60 days. Your lawyers will determine the value of your daily losses, usually the equivalent of how much you earn per day. This value, say $100, will be multiplied by the number of days you are incapacitated. For a fracture that heals in 60 days, you’ll get $6,000 in general damages.

If you were recently injured in any type of accident caused by negligence in South Miami, schedule a free consultation with a lawyer at Madalon Law and see how you can recover your losses.

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